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The tools for handling sewer and drain repair have evolved a lot. However, even with sonic sensors, leak detectors, and countless other innovations for detecting faults in hidden underground pipes, there’s no real substitute for being able to actually look at the inside of a pipe to check its condition.

Video Camera for Drain Inspections

Visual inspection of a pipe lets plumbers see exactly what’s wrong, where leaks are located, and the potential causes of the issue. This allows plumbers to make better decisions regarding how to fix the problem so it stays fixed.

However, digging up a pipe so that it can be manually inspected is expensive and time-consuming.

This is where video drain inspection comes into play.

What is Video Drain Inspection?

Video drain inspection is the practice of putting a small, high-resolution video camera fitted with a light down a length of pipe to get an inside look at it.

Every crack, flaw, blockage, and piece of buildup can be recorded in high-definition video so that plumbers can know exactly what they’re dealing with.

Why Using Video Inspection Can Save You Time and Money

How does video inspection save both money and time for home and business owners in Sacramento? Let me count the ways:

  1. No Trenching to See the Pipe. Digging up your yard, parking lot, sidewalk, etc. just to take a look at the pipe is a massive waste of time and resources—especially when you consider the cost of restoring torn-up turf, asphalt, and concrete.
  2. Less Labor to Inspect Pipe Interiors. Because there’s no digging, there’s a lot less labor involved in a video pipe/drain inspection than there is for a check that requires digging up the pipe or drain.
  3. The Right Solution Gets Chosen the First Time. There are a lot of ways to fix a problem in a pipeline, but not all of them will work in the long term. By getting a close-up look at the inside of the pipe, a plumber can see what’s wrong and make a better-informed decision about the specific fix they should use—saving trial and error work on using different repair technologies.

In short, video inspections for drains helps avoid wasting time and labor for digging up then replacing landscaping, saves time & labor on getting inspections completed, and eliminates trial and error guesswork for fixing problems.

Even better, you can see the video for yourself so you know that the repairs the plumber uses are the ones that are needed. This makes video inspections one of the best technologies to use for trenchless sewer repair.

Save time, money, and headaches with a fast sewer & drain video inspection today!

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