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3_benefits_of_trenchless_water_line_replacement.jpgThere are many reasons why you would procrastinate on repairing or replacing your faulty water line. Some hesitations may include:

  • It's going to cost a lot more than I can afford right now
  • Will it stay fixed
  • What if it causes even more problems

Having poor water quality brought on by a leak or broken water line will end up costing you more than you could imagine. Damaged water lines create the perfect habitat for toxic mold, mildew, spores or even pest infestations. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the replacement process will create more problems or if you will have to replace your water line soon.

3 Benefits of Using Trenchless

There is an alternative method to intrusive traditional water line replacement. It uses an advanced plumbing repair method known as trenchless technology. This technology has the ability to repair nearly any plumbing problem in your home, business or commercial property. Below are three benefits to expect when you use trenchless technology for your water line replacement.

1. Durability 

Traditional pipe repairs and replacements generally have an quick expiration date or are likely to be just as fragile as when they were first installed. Trenchless water line replacement has the ability to last for over 50 plus years due to the durability of the material used to reline or replace the pipe.

2. Greener Outlooks

Extensive digging can expose toxic substances that can infiltrate your potable water supply. That is probably the last thing you or your family would like to experience when you are already having to deal with replacing your faulty water line. Replacing your damaged water line using trenchless technology is the greener way to help maintain the health of your family and ensure environmental safety.

3. Resource Efficient 

Resources extend beyond the confines of your wallet. Spending countless days or months waiting for your water line to be repaired isn’t ideal for anyone-- except the plumber if they are being paid by the hour.

Trenchless waterline replacement is the resource friendly approach saving you time and money. The repairing process is typically completed in a matter of hours without making your yard a trench zone. Not only will trenchless water line replacement spare your resources, but your neighbors are sure to appreciate the lack of disturbances, such as noise and an unappealing front lawn to drive by.  

Going Trenchless

Going Trenchless can benefit you in ways you may never have suspected. If you have ever experienced replacements or repairs to damaged or faulty pipes, you probably encountered a large amount of digging and re-landscaping fees to get your yard back to new or at least to how it was before you replaced your water line.

You could spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on traditional digging repair or replacement methods only to have to spend the same amount of money due to its shorter life span. With trenchless water line replacement comes longer pipe life spans due to the advanced technology and material that lines the pipes interior.

There are a variety of ways in which trenchless pipe replacement or relining can be applied. It just depends on the condition of your damaged pipe. Tell us in the comments below which water line replacement will you choose: Traditional or Trenchless to keep you and your family with clean water.

Save $300 on Water Line Replacement

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