3 Plumbing Planning Tips for your Summer Vacation

Posted by William Heinselman on Jul 5 2016

Have you planned your summer vacation yet? Whether it’s an international trip overseas or a local trip in the states, there are a few things you may want to plan for from airline luggage rules to your home’s plumbing—yes, plumbing.

Express Sewer and Drains top 3 plumbing planning tips for your summer vacation

A lot can go wrong with your plumbing while you’re away on your summer vacation, so you will want to start your plumbing planning early.

3 Plumbing Planning Tips

Here are 3 plumbing planning tips to keep your home’s plumbing hassle-free while you’re away this summer.

  1. Turn your water off, so if a pipe breaks in your absence, you won’t have a flood or a hefty water bill
  2. Check for leaks
  3. If you have a pool, check the water level; this way, if it rains, your pool won’t overflow.

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