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Let’s be honest, resolving municipal plumbing problems is never a glamorous process. However, innovations in plumbing technology can ease some of these challenges and only incur minimal disruptions to surrounding communities. And, if you consider yourself to be a forward-thinking individual who makes decisions for cities or contracting companies, then you’re probably aware of the manifold benefits of trenchless plumbing technologies.

Contractors and municipalities around the globe have been discovering the benefits of trenchless for years. Trenchless technology is simply smarter than traditional dig-and-repair methods. It costs less. It doesn’t disrupt busy streets or stop the day-to-day doings of businesses. It lasts longer and it’s better for our environment. As a result, it’s no surprise that directional boring is a go-to municipal plumbing restoration method for plumbers and contractors. 

What Is Directional Boring In Sacramento?

Directional boring, or horizontal directional drilling (HDD), is a steerable trenchless method for installing underground lines like sewer pipes and water pipes, conduits and cables along a path, using a Ditch Witch drilling rig. It poses only the most minimal impact on the surrounding areas. 

Directional boring is the preferred method for refurbishing municipal sewers, as well as being the better choice for large industrial jobs. Why? With directional boring, plumbers and municipalities benefit from: 

  • No collateral damage to the property
  • No unnecessary traffic disruptions
  • No commercial disruptions
  • Greener and more sustainable processes
  • Cost-efficient plumbing solution

Directional boring in Sacramento is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including road, landscape, and river crossings. Installation lengths up to 6,500’ (2,000m) have been completed, and diameters up to 56" (1,200mm) have been installed in shorter runs. Pipes can be made of materials such as PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, Ductile iron, and steel if the pipes can be pulled through a single access point. 

Due to the scale of municipal plumbing systems, maintenance and repairs can pose a large challenge for even the most experienced plumbers. Fortunately, Sacramento directional boring is the most effective, versatile, and cost-efficient way to repair municipal sewers.

Directional Boring vs. Traditional Excavation Methods

Directional boring and traditional excavation methods each have distinct approaches to underground utility installation. As such, there are a few key differences to note when addressing municipal plumbing problems in Sacramento. 

Directional Boring

Directional boring revolutionizes the installation process by creating underground pathways without the need for extensive excavation. With this approach, a directional drilling rig is used to bore a hole underground from a single entry point, hence the name. The drill head can be steered to navigate through various soil conditions and obstacles, creating a precisely controlled path for utilities such as water mains, sewer lines, or conduits. Additionally, this process minimizes surface disruption, preserving roads, sidewalks, landscaping, and existing infrastructure.

The benefits of directional boring are particularly evident in municipal and industrial settings where minimizing disruptions is crucial. This method reduces the impact on traffic flow, lowers the risk of damage to surrounding structures, and allows for installations beneath rivers, highways, or densely populated areas.


Traditional excavation involves digging open trenches for laying pipes or conduits, exposing the underground area and disrupting the surface. This method is effective but comes with significant drawbacks, including extensive surface damage, disruption to traffic and pedestrians, and the need for restoration after the installation is complete, which can be quite costly

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Applications of Directional Boring in Municipal Plumbing

Directional boring has proven to be effective for the ability to address various infrastructure needs with efficiency and minimal surface disruption. However, this type of plumbing process isn’t ideal for all uses. 

One primary application is in the installation and replacement of sewer lines. Directional boring allows for the creation of underground pathways for sewer lines without the need for extensive excavation, reducing the impact on surrounding communities and preserving existing infrastructure. This method is especially beneficial in urban areas where traditional open trench methods can be logistically challenging.

Water main installations are another application of directional boring in municipal plumbing. By creating horizontal boreholes, water mains can be installed beneath roads, rivers, and other obstacles without disturbing the surface extensively, which helps maintain the water supply infrastructure in urban environments and industrial complexes.

Additionally, gas line installations also benefit from directional boring, as it allows for the efficient and safe placement of gas lines underground without the need for disruptive trenching. This is essential for ensuring the reliability and safety of gas distribution systems in municipalities.

Why Is Sacramento Directional Boring Good For Contractors?

While traditional excavation methods remain essential in certain situations, directional boring has become a preferred choice for many plumbers and utility contractors, offering a more efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for underground infrastructure projects in challenging environments. For contractors, this means smaller crews, lower insurance, and lower payroll, all performed at maximum efficiency.

Too many times we’ve seen municipal sewer repair cost business owners money. Across the nation, and even around the world, we’ve seen small shops forced to close due to municipal sewer repair. This just isn’t necessary. With the aid of Express Sewer & Drain’s expert Ditch Witch Sacramento directional boring, we can access municipal lines through manholes and repair city sewers underground. This means no destruction to asphalt. No commerce-killing excavation. Maximum money savings and durable results that last over 50 years, guaranteed!

To get started, reach out to the expert plumbers at Express Sewer today!

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