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Plumbing Problems in High Rise Buildings

Do you live or work in a high-rise building; have you ever thought of how plumbing problems get solved in high-rise buildings? By definition, a high rise building is a multi-story structure with anywhere between 12- 39 floors.

Just like smaller building structures, high rises have their set of plumbing problems which can create disruption for the occupants and for the plumbers repairing the problem too.

Excessive Water Pressure

Cities have certain water pressure restrictions to accommodate various building constructs. However, high rise buildings tend to exceed the allotted water pressure.

In some cases, the high rises may need to be sectioned off into zones with their own water pump and tank. These additional pump and tank fixtures allow the varying pump packages to apply continuous pressure and speed controls.

Pipes and Drainage

High rise structures use a couple of different steel piping, Type-L copper or stainless steel. Though, stainless steel pipes are the preferred in extremely high rise structures to accommodate the additional needed pressure.

However, due to the vertically downward direction of water draining through a pipe, you’ll need to consider aeration control to help avoid rust.

The placement of the piping, copper or steel, also needs to be considered as well.  Depending on the pressure zone, if you place piping too close, then it may result in poor drainage.

Control Air Ventilation

Air is a large factor for water vertically traveling down a pipe. If pipes are used in a low-pressure zone, air ventilation needs to be controlled.

Water Temperature

Can you imagine not having hot water? It wouldn't be fun or even sanitary for dishes etc. During the construction of high-rise buildings, water temperature is often one of the main plumbing challenges.

When planning construction of a high-rise building, there are a few elements engineers have to consider, including:

  • Pipe materials
  • Booster pump control and capacity
  • Building height
  • Water pressure
  • Municipal accessibility

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