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What is pipe burstingProfessional pipe bursting is often considered the final solution for severely damaged and fully compromised sewage systems; pipe line systems where adverse conditions have made even trenchless repair methods impractical. However, many homeowners have no idea what pipe bursting is, the way it works or how can it be the ideal solution for your home’s broken sewer line.

In this blog, we’ll break down the trenchless techniques and technologies that make pipe bursting an innovative solution for broken sewer pipes.

Pipe Bursting: The Trenchless Replacement Method

Plainly put: pipe bursting is the intentional breaking of severely damaged sewer systems with trenchless techniques to make way for replacement systems. More efficient and safer than traditional, digging replacement operations, today’s trenchless pipe bursting methods make use of mechanically applied force and high-grade bursting heads.

To begin the process, a conical bursting head is fixed to a replacement pipe line, and fed through an entry hole to the broken sewer line. The pointed bursting head breaks the existing, damaged pipe line as it travels through; this is because the bursting head’s cone shape is larger at its base than the existing pipe’s diameter. Using a pull rod or hydraulic power, the entire existing pipe is fractured and pushed from its original location. The replacement pipe, attached behind the bursting head, is then seamlessly fed in place, filling the cavity left behind by the bursting head.

Modern pipe bursting can be completed in a matter of hours. It’s this simple and efficient application that has made pipe bursting one of America’s preferred pipe replacement methods, and has brought trenchless technology to the national stage. Many homeowners and sewer industry professionals alike now choose pipe bursting as their preferred pipe replacement technique.

Not only is trenchless pipe bursting significantly more efficient than traditional digging replacement, but also safer and more cost-effective. Virtually none of the Earth’s natural gases or elements, such as mold or asbestos, are exposed using trenchless technologies. Additionally, the pipe bursting’s efficient application limits expensive labor and lawn repair costs that come with traditional pipe replacement. No long must homeowners pay for replacement soil and grass, long labor hours or property damage; pipe bursting makes the entire process painless.

Another benefit of modern pipe bursting is the potential for increased pipe flow. A popular option many homeowners and businesses accept is a replacement pipe with a larger diameter than their original. Due to the fracturing and soil-clearing nature of pipe bursting, there is enough space for larger pipes, with increased fill capacity, to be effortlessly fed through the open cavity.

Very often, pipes installed with pipe bursting are covered by lifetime guarantees; the durable quality of today’s pipes and trenchless techniques has extended pipe life expectancy far beyond those of the past. New materials have increased pipe resistance to naturally occurring hazards, such as soil shifts, roots intrusions and animal activity.

For quality performance and efficient installation, no other replacement technique comes close to pipe bursting.

More on Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is not limited to pipe bursting, however, and there are other applications for this technology and pipe repairs. While pipe bursting is ideal for pipe replacements, cured-in-place pipe relining works wonders in basic pipe repairs. Using a fiberglass and resin liquid liner, trenchless specialists line the inside of your damaged pipes through air pressure application, which cures the liner inside the existing pipe. This technique is just as efficient as pipe bursting, and more suited for medium-sized cracks or punctures.

These innovative solutions can also repair leaks and punctures to the lateral lining between your home and municipal sewer systems, which is often difficult to reach and very expensive to repair with traditional means. Trenchless technologies can also repair manhole-to-manhole pipes with durable relining. During these applications, bypass pumps are used to keep municipal water flowing, so water flows are never stopped during the repair process.

If there are damages to your pipe systems in a localized area, or small segment, a sectional point repair may be the ideal trenchless solution for you. This method requires only two entry and exit holes in your lawn and the damaged pipe. The space within these points should include all damage to your pipe. Sectional lining liquid is then applied using the same techniques as large-scale relining, and cured with pressurized steam. This creates a quick and more narrowed fix to your pipe line, saving you from relining or repairing the entire pipe.

The damages that trenchless technology can repair can be caused by an array of factors, including:

  • Shifting ground foundations and soil
  • Root infiltration from nearby plants
  • Animal interference, such as burrowing and underground activity
  • Surface pressure
  • Adverse weather conditions, particularly important in California, considering earth shifts and seismic activity
  • Faulty or incorrect installation, often indicated by leaking joints

Detecting these damages can be as simple as noticing increases in your water bill, decreased water pressure and flow, or damp patches in your lawn. If you notice any of these signs, you may want to contact an experienced pipe repair specialist today for inspection. They can evaluate the state of your pipe systems and advise you if trenchless repair solutions are the right option for you.

Trenchless solutions dominate over outdated trenching methods in almost every way, from efficiency to performance, and even safety. It’s no wonder why trenchless repair technologies have exploded in popularity since their introduction in the 1970s.

If pipe deterioration and damages have led you to seek a pipe replacement solution, look no further than pipe bursting. Superior to traditional trenching replacements in almost every way, this innovative technique can meet all of your pipe replacement needs, much more efficiently and cost-effectively than any other solution.

To learn more about the benefits of trenchless technology, or how pipe bursting can seamlessly resolve your pipe problems, contact us today.

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