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Sectional point repair eliminates digging from the entire pipe repair process.For home pipe repairs no matter the scale, trenchless technologies provide solutions in a seamless, affordable manner that is impossible with any other means. While experts using these techniques specialize in full pipe re-lining, and even replacement in extreme cases, there are equally effective solutions for contained, isolated pipe damage, such as joint cracking or root penetration.

Trenchless specialists tend to pipe damage in a local area with a technique known in the industry as sectional point repair, which makes cured-in-place pipe practical for smaller applications.

Using Trenchless to Repair Localized Damage

Trenchless sectional point repair is the ideal cured-in-place pipe method for damages limited to a certain area of your home’s pipe; a section or your home’s water or plumbing system. This makes sectional point repair the perfect trenchless solution for damage caused by:

  • Loosened joints or joint breaking
  • Faulty installation at certain points in a pipe system
  • Underground animal or root activity
  • Puncturing or isolated cracking

These innovative solutions are even practical in circumstances where whole pipe sections have been corroded, or are missing entirely. Industry specialists are able to tend to these damages by using two entry points to apply cured-in-place techniques in a contained pipe area. When dealing with minor or concentrated pipe breaks, you’ll never again have to dig out, or trench, your yard; sectional point repair makes renovations simple by eliminating digging and its high costs.

How Point Repair Mends Your Broken Pipe Sections

The sectional point repair process begins after a thorough damage assessment, used to measure the extent of your pipe damage to make point repair is the best option in your case.

Specialists using this trenchless option to selectively repair a pipe in your home will then apply cured-in-place, epoxy Perma-liner to the pipe’s inner walls, forming a custom, mold-able coating within your pipe. Through two small entry points, trenchless experts will then insert and inflate a small, tubular air bladder to cure the resin to your damage pipe section, forming a tight seal over damages, cracking and bellying.

Sectional point repair brings all the benefits of trenchless technology to contained pipe damages, in applications where a full pipe system overhaul would prove impractical and expensive.

For many pipe damages, full system repair is an unnecessary expense that homeowners can avoid using sectional point repair. Better yet, these solutions bring lucrative ancillary benefits you may not have even considered regarding your home pipe repair; namely, in efficiency and safety.

What Sectional Repairs Can Do for You

Sectional point repair techniques are the most versatile form of trenchless pipe repair, and are able to mend almost limitless types of pipe damage with ease. What does this mean for you, the homeowner?

Cured-in-place point repair, the ideal trenchless repair option for pipes with concentrated damages, generally costs homeowners a fraction of what full-scale digging repairs and pipe replacements call for. These savings can be attributed to the efficiency with which point repairs are made, and the high quality of resulting pipe lining.

As tedious, costly digging is removed from the repair equation using trenchless technology (not to mention the expensive landscaping that’s needed following a traditional repair), most sectional point repairs can be completed in a matter of hours, opposed to days. This generates significantly lowered overhead labor costs, and relieves homeowners from much of the stresses associated with excavation and traditional pipe replacements.

The cured-in-place, epoxy resin pipe walls that result from sectional point repair are guaranteed to last over 50 years, virtually eliminating the risks of repeat pipe breaks and corrosion. These trenchless repairs offer extremely durable, reliable repairs for decades to come, and can stand the test of time against weathering and external elements.

For all of your Sacramento pipe repair needs, the experts at Express Sewer & Drain provide the most efficient and affordable solutions available, no matter the extent or scope of your plumbing system’s damage. Whether your situation calls for full system renovations, pipe repairs (done through our innovative pipe bursting process) or sectional point repairs, we offer the most reliable solutions at the most practical prices.

There’s no reason to dig up your lawn and run repair costs through the roof with traditional, outdated repair options. For localized, concentrated pipe damages, the best solution out there is sectional point repair.

To learn more about what trenchless technologies can do for your home pipe system, or for a thorough inspection of damages to your pipes, contact us right away.

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