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Interfit USA provides the most reliable CIPP repair materialsHere at Express Sewer & Drain, we’re no strangers to trenchless, lateral lining. As Sacramento’s preferred resource in all matters trenchless lining, we know what technologies work best, and what lining applications perform most effectively for specific circumstances in underground pipe repairs.

It’s for this reason that we choose to use innovative, high quality Interfit USA liners in all of our CIPP repairs. Interfit liners are the most reliable, long-lasting and non-disruptive solution in the industry, capable of countering detrimental intrusions and pipe infiltration in a way that not only saves homeowners money, but also takes a mere fraction of the time to complete as traditional pipe repairs.

Outdated, conventional pipe repair methods require thorough digging, expensive landscaping and days (if not weeks) of labor-intensive excavation. Trenchless pipe repairs avoid this digging altogether, instead mending epoxy resin liners over damaged joints and lateral connections, within your existing pipe line walls.

Lateral Pipe Lining vs. Traditional Methods

Interfit lining, the most durable and widely applicable resin-based solution in the business, keeps manual excavation during repairs to a bare minimum; these solutions can typically be installed, and cured-in-place, using existing entry points or small, non-invasive boring holes.

Once the cause of damage to your pipes is determined, trenchless repair specialists can install 360° seal lining to your pipes, essentially covering damaged areas of your pipe. This full-bodied inner wrapping is then cured-in-place using air pressure, forming a tight, smooth replacement wall for affected lateral pipes and joints.

What makes Interfit lining so valuable, specifically, is its versatility with almost any kind of pipe or pipe damage, including:

  • Existing PVC pipe lines
  • Concrete sewer lines
  • Underground, clay pipe lines
  • Orangeburg pipe systems

Additionally, these solutions can be modified to fit the precise needs of a lateral pipe, and the various joints, sizes and angles they can feature. Whether you need CIPP lining solutions to repair damages to pipes with mainline diameters of 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches, or with angles from 0° to 180°, Interfit USA’s innovative liners are available to meet your exact requirements.

Interfit USA Brings Long-Term Savings Beyond Installation

Ultimately, what sets Interfit lining solutions apart from other, conventional repair materials is their long-term benefits beyond quick installation and configuration versatility. Interfit’s cured-in-place, trenchless pipe solutions, which are effective for a wide range of both standard and non-standard pipe junctions, help homeowners not only counter sever pipe damage, but also maintain their resulting, cured pipes for decades to come.

Once installed, you can expect trenchless, Interfit pipe liners to keep your lateral pipe systems at peak performance for at least 50 years to come. Trenchless technologies such as these boast long-lasting quality control, and non-disruptive application for a more green repair process.

Interfit lining solutions cure in-place to form environmentally safe, durable and single-bodied repair pipe sections, capable of withstanding common pipe penetrators and preventing overflows and sewer blockage. Innovative lining technologies allow trenchless specialists to install pipe repairs without disrupting water flow, through modern flow-through designs.

The epoxy, silicate resins used by Interfit and Express Sewer & Drain are non-toxic, and contain no harmful esters or chemical components; liners such as these bring long-lasting, zero-risk results with non-harmful materials. This ensures the safety of not only the repair technicians installing CIPP lining to your existing pipe structures, but also the safety of those residing in your home.

Interfit USA makes it possible for homeowners to reap the savings, efficiency and safety benefits of trenchless repair technologies no matter what the damages to their lateral pipe or sewer lines demand. In many cases, these repairs can even be completed without digging a single square inch of your lawn, instead being applied through existing manhole structures. These repairs bring value that isn’t possible with conventional, digging repair methods, where landscaping, traffic disruption and high renovation costs are the norm.

Talk to a Trenchless Expert Today

At Express Sewer & Drain, we use Interfit USA’s innovative lining materials in all of our trenchless repair operations; they provide the most trusted, long-lasting solutions, and can resolve an almost limitless scope of pipe damages. Whatever the unique needs of your home pipe repair may be, we can almost always find highly efficient, low cost and non-invasive solutions to meet your repair specifications.

Don’t let damage to your pipes go unattended, and especially don’t hire laborers to dig out your pipes manually. Contact a trenchless expert in your area today, to resolve your underground pipe issues today.

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