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Interfit lining can effectively repair broken pipe joints.Expert installation of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners is the least invasive way to restore damaged pipe structures, at a fraction of the costs of traditional repairs. These liners, which mold to form within existing pipes, make it easy for homeowners, municipal planners and building owners to tend to pipe damage in a quick, affordable manner.

The best pipe lining solutions available in today’s market are those created by Interfit USA. Interfit lining is the industry standard CIPP solution for underground pipe repairs, and is now used nationwide to restore severely damaged pipe lines, sewer connections and lateral joints without labor-intensive digging. This means huge time and cost savings for your home or property pipe repair.

There’s no longer any reason to tear apart your lawn during pipe restoration, and manually replace damaged sections with expensive, custom-made pipe sections. Cured-in-place Interfit liners begin as liquid, and cure within pipe walls to create durable, long-lasting pipe solutions at minimal cost. Lateral lining solutions through CIPP eliminate digging completely from the pipe repair process.

1.) Pipe and Lateral Line Curing

Trenchless technicians use resin-based liners, like those created by Interfit USA, to efficiently cure pipe cracking, corrosion and other breakages. Full 360°, non-invasive pipe coating allows experts to form new pipe and lateral walls within damaged structures, in a seamless process that takes mere hours.

When compared to the days (or even weeks) of traditional, dig-and-replace pipe renovations, this means instant savings in labor, materials and landscaping. Beyond short-term savings, lining your damaged laterals and underground pipes with Interfit lining provides assurance for decades of future use.

Once cured within pipe walls as a single-bodied, lipless repair segment, lateral lining pipes are guaranteed to perform for at least half a century to come.

2.) Sectional Point Repairs for Contained Pipe Damage

Trenchless pros use liquid-based, resin liners to do more than pipe repair alone; they can also use liners to repair localized pipe damage with ease. This is ideal for applications where damage is isolated to a single, contained pipe segment, or one-time natural breakages, including:

  • Root intrusion
  • Burrowing activity from wildlife
  • Faulty installation
  • Isolated fracturing
  • Weathering and temperature change cracking
  • Accidental puncturing

Sectional repairs are perfect for tending to pipe damages where full lining application would be impractical. If your pipes are failing due to a single crack or intrusion, you don’t need to waste extra money on replacing your entire pipe; sectional point repair makes it easy to resolve single-instance pipe damage in an affordable, non-intrusive way.

3.) Municipal Manhole-to-Manhole Sewer Lining

Another way trenchless technicians use Interfit solutions every day is in the repair of municipal sewer lines. Trenchless lining provides lucrative benefits beyond home pipe repairs; city planners and municipal sewer workers take advantage of trenchless technologies every year to restore manhole lines in an affordable, non-disruptive way.

Manhole-to-manhole lining is the fastest, most cost effective way for municipal planners to handle significant sewer damage. As lining can be applied using existing manhole entry points, there’s zero need to reroute traffic or disrupt everyday commuting. Manhole-to-manhole lining even preserves water flow, by rerouting flow seamlessly during repair.

4.) Sealant for Damaged Pipe Joints and Connections

Interfit USA’s liquid-based, PVC-coated lining materials are perfect for repairing weak pipe joints or fracturing at lateral connections (repair needs that, otherwise, could cost you thousands in digging and labor hours). Trenchless pros use these resin liners to effectively form a seal over damaged joints and critical structures.

As liners cure in-place within these joints, and can be applied through existing entry ways or non-invasive boring holes, manual digging can be entirely avoided. In some cases, these repairs can be completed in as little as one hour.

Whatever your underground pipe repair needs are, Interfit USA provides the ample solutions that trenchless experts use every day to restore pipes thoroughly, while saving you on money and time.

5.) Effective Lining for Any Pipe, of Any Size

What makes trenchless, epoxy-resin liners so valuable for pipe repairs are the many ways trenchless technicians can use them, and their high versatility with various pipe configurations, materials and sizes.

Trenchless liners can restore pipe damages to any kind of pipe, no matter the size or structural point. Trenchless liners, like those made by Interfit USA, can restore pipes built with any of the following:

  • Clay
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Orangeburg pipe material
  • Cement
  • PVC or other plastics
  • Varying diameters (6-12” for mainline, 4-6” for lateral)
  • Varying angles, anywhere from 0° to 180°

If you think Interfit lining solutions or other trenchless repair technologies can help you restore your pipes affordably, and with minimal intrusion, don’t hesitate to contact trenchless pros right away.

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