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Use hydro-jetting to remove stubborn, severe clogging in your home pipesStubborn, repeat drain clogs should never be put off as minor plumbing issues. If recurring clogging or debris buildup affects your drains, there is a good chance you need thorough, more intensive cleaning than what simple plunging provides. For situations and drain clogs more severe than everyday gunk buildup, you need more powerful, professional-grade tools to fully resolve the issue.

Getting these results doesn’t have to be expensive, or require long hours of plumbing labor; with modern hydro-jetting equipment, professional drain cleaning technicians can restore your pipes and remove even the most stubborn clogs affordably, and with minimal labor effort and overhead costs.

Hydro-jetting is practical for almost any clogged materials, and is the go-to technique for professional removal of:

  • Long-term gunk, grease and oil buildup
  • Sediment collection
  • Frequent clogging due to hair, toothpaste or dirt
  • Severe clogging of food products, like animal bones, fats or starchy goods

In this blog, we look into 4 key ways hydro-jetting can benefit your drains, and provide the most effective, affordable solutions for home and municipal drain cleaning.

1.) Professional Techniques for High-End Results

In many cases of severe pipe clogging, everyday DIY cleaning approaches just won’t do the trick. Even with specialized sink plungers, home chemical solutions and expert-grade drain augers, some persistent clogs demand professional efforts.

Hydro-jetting, which is almost always recommended for severe drain cleaning applications, is essentially power-washing for your pipes. With high pressure and non-invasive water blasting, plumbing specialists can use hydro-jetting to remove even the most stubborn clogs with ease, at minimal time and cost to you.

If you’re stuck combating severe drain clogs with ineffective DIY efforts, it may be time to call the drain cleaning pros in your area to fully clear debris with high-end, top of the line hydro-jetting equipment.

2.) Affordable and Thorough Results

On matters of cleanliness and thorough clog removal, hydro-jetting technologies spare no expense. Using concentrated jets of high water pressure and direct application within pipes, hydro-jetting is the most thorough way to clean drains and congested pipe lines. Best of all, it can do so in an affordable, non-invasive way.

Other drain cleaning methods take time and labor to complete, and can actually harm your affected pipes (such as chemical flushing). Hydro-jetting provides the soundest, most affordable way for homeowners and municipal workers alike to deal with stubborn drain issues and pipe cleaning.  

3.) Compatibility With Almost Any Drain Configuration

Hydro-jetting with high-powered professional tools provides full pipe cleaning solutions for homeowners, property owners and municipalities alike. Effective for drain and sewer systems of any size, and of any material, hydro-jetting is not only the most affordable way to fully clear clogs and buildup, but also the most flexible.

You can use hydro-jetting to your advantage against almost any clogged materials, in pipe configurations of any size or scope. Pipe cleaning specialists in your area can use high-end jetting technologies to remove clogs in pipes anywhere from 1 ½” to 48” wide, and of any material, including:

  • Cement sewer pipes
  • Outdated Orangeburg pipe
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
  • PVC or cured-in-place resin pipes
  • Clay

4.) Guaranteed Cleaning for Further Renovations

Powerful and environmentally sound hydro-jetting is almost always a preliminary step in pipe renovations, as pipes must be fully rid of excessive debris and waste materials before repairs can begin. If you’re dealing with major pipe failures and breakages that demand serious attention, hydro-jetting is a critical first step in preparing your pipes for repair.

This is the case for any trenchless repair application, as liners cannot cure in-place and create essential new pipe segments if the pipes in question are congested. If you are considering any of the following renovation methods for your home or municipal pipe lines, thorough hydro-jetting is almost always required for guaranteed cleaning first:

  • Trenchless pipe lining
  • Subterranean manhole-to-manhole lining
  • Pipe bursting, to fully replace damaged pipes without destroying your lawn
  • Sectional point repair, for localized damage
  • Relining applications

Clearing drains and underground pipe systems with hydro-jetting equipment is just one way licensed, professional plumbing technicians can assure high performance and affordable repairs in your home.

Along with video inspection equipment and cured-in-place pipe technologies, the experts at Express Sewer & Drain provide all-inclusive plumbing care, so you’ll never have to worry about the state of your pipes or drains again. Don’t hesitate to contact us today, to learn how hydro-jetting can assure full, non-invasive drain cleaning in your home.

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