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Outdated sewer repair methods could cost you thousands in unnecessary labor and digging.The high labor requirements and remedial landscaping of dig-and-replace pipe repairs can easily set you back thousands of dollars. Whether damages to the sewer pipes beneath your home are due to age, corrosion or troublesome environmental activity, dealing with these issues has never been a simple task… that is, until the recent innovations made in trenchless, cured-in-place sewer pipe repair technologies.

During trenchless sewer pipe renovations, plumbing repair specialists will clean out, reinforce and restore your pipes in a seamless, non-invasive process that can cut costs to a bare minimum. Trenchless technologies make it possible for homeowners to cut their sewer pipe repair costs to a fraction of what they would be with outdated, conventional repair practices.

For damaged sewer lines, the industry-standard repair application is known as manhole-to-manhole lining, which is named such for its use of existing manhole entry points to restore sewers.

By limiting sewer pipe access to manhole points, trenchless specialists can fully remove digging from the repair process, which is usually the most costly, labor-intensive part of sewer restoration.

Savings Potential of Manhole-to-Manhole Lining

Manhole-to-manhole pipe lining is applied in the same way as lateral pipe liners, using the same innovative, dig-free technologies. During trenchless sewer repairs, specialists first clear out residual debris, soil or corrosive material in a process known as hydro-jetting. Hydro-jetting is, essentially, power-washing for your sewer pipe; repair specialists use high water pressure to remove leftover debris and ensure a smooth surface for lining.

With your affected sewer segments cleared, trenchless repair technicians will coat damaged segments of sewer pipe internally using liquid-based, epoxy-resin liners. For most sewer systems, this can be done completely dig-free, through existing manhole entry points. During application, technicians ensure single-bodied, smooth lining walls using inflatable air bladders, which cure new sewer pipe segments in-place in as little as two hours.

It’s this significant reduction in labor, materials and time that can generate thousands of dollars in savings during your sewer pipe repairs. Manhole-to-manhole lining makes it possible for you to fully restore your compromised sewer pipes without the hassles of traditional, dig-and-replace repairs.

With the help of trenchless experts, you can save thousands in your sewer repairs by:

  • Avoiding the most expensive component of outdated repair methods: manually digging and replacing entire sewer pipe segments
  • Cutting repair time and labor to a fraction of what it would be with other methods
  • Eliminating the need for remedial landscaping, which will often follow after dig-and-replace sewer repairs
  • Reducing the risk for future sewer pipe damage; cured-in-place, epoxy sewer lines perform are incredibly durable, and guaranteed to survive at least 50 years of normal use

One of the best things about manhole-to-manhole sewer lining, and other trenchless technologies, is their flexibility in restoring pipes of almost any size or type, with any damage extent. Trenchless, manhole-to-manhole lining is applicable for all pipe damages, including those caused by:

  • Chemical deterioration, or natural corrosion with time
  • Pipe freezing and cracking
  • Nearby plant intrusion, or intrusion by underground animal/pest activity
  • Faulty sewer pipe joints and poor installation
  • Sewer pipe clogging

Solutions for Home and City Sewer Lines

Manhole-to-manhole sewer lining provides extra value for municipal line repairs, in circumstances where manual digging and sewer line replacement would disrupt regular traffic and activity for days, if not weeks. Trenchless sewer pipe lining is the ideal, dig-free repair solution for home and city sewer systems alike.

Traditionally, damaged municipal sewer pipes would have to be excavated and replaced by hand, in a labor-intensive process that costs cities thousands of dollars in road damage, disrupted traffic and materials. Trenchless lining, when applied through existing manhole entry points, eliminates these high cost factors, and provides a safer, non-disruptive alternative to outdated repair techniques.

If cost is a major concern during sewer line repairs on or around your property, there’s no more affordable option than dig-free, non-invasive trenchless lining. Without the extensive digging, labor and equipment costs of traditional sewer pipe repair, trenchless lining can end up costing you less than half of conventional dig-and-replace renovations.

There’s no need to tear apart your lawn or property; trenchless sewer lining is the most affordable, practical way to restore damaged sewer lines with ease. To learn more about what trenchless can do for your repair needs, don’t wait to contact the industry pros at Express Sewer & Drain today. What you don’t know about underground sewer repairs could be costing you.

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