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All businesses should clean their drains at least once per year.For commercial property owners, drain cleaning and plumbing upkeep can often fall into peripheral vision. It’s not something the average person thinks about every day, and it can be easy to neglect simply out of a lack of urgency; that is, until clogs or similar major plumbing problems occur.

There’s no denying that prevention is the best way to handle commercial plumbing, but it can be a pain to deal with plumbing care over-frequently, and tough to keep up with semi-regular schedules if too much time is allotted between drain cleaning. You can’t wait too long between drain cleaning, and it’s unrealistic to perform commercial plumbing tasks too often. 

While not all plumbing disasters can be avoided through preventative care (such as if your pipes were installing incorrectly, or are deteriorating with age), cleaning out your drains on a regular monthly schedule is the best way to go. It’s not too frequent to be a burden, and not too spread apart to be easily forgotten. Mark a date at the end or beginning of each month to clean your drains, and you can largely mitigate risk for clogs and other commercial drain problems.

In this blog, we discuss why a monthly drain cleaning schedule is best suited for commercial properties, as well as the benefits of having a professional inspection on a scheduled basis.

Stopping Grease and Material Buildup Early

For commercial properties, how quickly grease, food products or other types of materials accrue within drain pipes depends on how much you use them. Naturally, an office supplies shop with only employee and customer restrooms will need drain cleaning far less often than a restaurant; however, that’s no excuse to ignore proper plumbing care. Over time, even everyday items like soap and toilet paper can cause drain pipe clogs. 

This is what makes monthly drain cleaning a good frequency for commercial properties involved in all industries; it’s often enough for businesses that get heavy use out of their drains, and right for commercial property owners that don’t need to think about their plumbing every day. 

During these monthly cleanings, there are a few things you can do to ensure your drain pipes are cleared of obstructions and material buildup: 

  • When cleaning commercial drain pipes, flush out loose debris and material using hot water. You’d be surprised how much regular water flushes can benefit drain pipes.
  • Generally, try to steer clear of chemical-based cleaners if you can (they’re fine in a pinch, but can cause problems if used regularly).
  • Instead of commercial drain cleaners, consider using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to break down accumulating materials within your pipes. Not only is it safer than commercial cleaner products, but often just as effective - if not more so.
  • If clogs are beginning to develop, you may be able to eliminate them on your own with a drain snake (or drain auger), which is what professional plumbers use to force apart clogged materials within pipes.
  • Moving forward, you may want to consider a drain cover or grate to prevent large debris from entering sink drains and other fixtures.

When Should I Contact a Professional?

While you should always reach out to a trained plumbing expert for emergencies, you should also consider having a professional inspect your commercial drain pipes - and entire plumbing system, for that matter - at least once each year. 

An experienced plumber can catch telling signs of drain performance problems and potential leaks far more accurately than the average property owner. This helps those with commercial properties tend to waning plumbing systems before they develop into outright disasters. Prevention is key in commercial plumbing, and while there’s much you can do on your own to clean and care for your drain pipes, having a pro come by annually can be an asset.

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