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Trenchless_Guide_Image.pngThere are various methods of repairing or replacing sewer lines and today’s technologies make the process less invasive than in years past. Using different methods and products, plumbers are able to repair both sewer lines and water lines without disturbing your lawn, landscaping, walk and driveways any more than is necessary.

Here are the trenchless technology methods used to repair and replace plumbing in Sacramento homes, businesses, and municipalities:

Lateral Lining and Reinstatement of Flow

One product that facilitates trenchless technology methods is cured in place pipe (CIPP). Plumbers are able to replace faulty sections of sewer line by accessing a sewer line or boring a small hole for access to the piece of pipe. There are two methods for this type of repair or sewer line.

Pull-In-Place Method (PIP) – With this method, two access points are required. The liner is fed into one end of the faulty pipe, and the epoxy-saturated liner is pulled into place and the pipe connected. If there is only one access point then the following method is used.

Inversion Method – With the inversion method of pipe replacement, needs only one access point and can be used to line pipes that are up to 200 feet in length. With this method, epoxy is laid up on the inside of the pipe, where it will adhere and stop the leaks.

The lateral lining process requires that the pipe is sealed while the epoxy cures. Using video cameras and special cutters, the pipe is reopened for use. This process is called ‘lateral reinstatement.’ It requires trained operators and specialized equipment to make repairs in lateral sewer lines.

Large jobs will likely require both the inversion and PIP method of trenchless technology to complete the repair.

Pipe Bursting

Another of the trenchless technology methods, pipe bursting, blasts the offending pipe out of the way, laying new pipe behind it as it goes. This trenchless technology can replace enter sections of pipe. The pipe bursting method uses a bursting head to bust through plastic pipe, PVC, clay, Orangeburg, copper, and cast iron pipes.

This method requires a point of entry and a receiving pit to replace the pipe as well as pneumatic or hydraulic equipment to get the job done. The expander head, a device specially engineered for the job, is inserted into the failing pipe. As it advances through the pipe, the expander head fragments the old pipe and lays a run of seamless pipe as it goes. This will leave you with a free flowing sewer line once it is connected to your system.

Pipe Pulling

Like with pipe bursting, where the pipe is replaced as the old pipe is moved out of the way, trenchless technology methods have been developed that allow plumbing technicians to replace the water line in much the same manner. A cable is placed in the old pipe that pulls the new liner into place.

Some methods use a splitter that splits the old pipe, allowing space for the new run of pipe. This is another of the trenchless technology methods that allow plumbing repairs without the mess of digging up your lawn, landscaping, streets, and parking lot in order to replace a leaking water line.

Trenchless Technology Methods for Less Invasive Repairs

The biggest benefit of these technologies is the fact that they are less messy than "conventional" methods of plumbing repair. The products used to replace water or sewer lines, with trenchless technology methods, have warranties that are often ten years long or more; and manufacturers claim a life cycle of 50 years for some of them. The best thing, though, is that you will not have a glaring patch of turned earth, with patched grass across your front lawn.

If you suspect a sewer line leak, due to the age of your home, infiltration of tree roots, or other drainage issues, a trained technician has the tools to inspect your plumbing with modern tools, such as video inspection and trenchless technology methods that will get the water flowing again. They also know the various solutions to your problems and can help you make an informed decision about the plumbing in your home or business.

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