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Tough_Plumbing_Problems_Made_Easy_in_Sacramento_County.jpgCertain problems are a cinch to fix thanks to some handy DIY finds and passed down home remedies which are typically useful solutions for minor problems.

However, you may have noticed that sometimes duct tape isn’t always the long-term solution for your leaky pipes, and a plunger can’t temporarily unclog your drain as many times as you’d like.

You may encounter tough plumbing problems that DIY methods and home remedies simply can’t fix-- even temporarily. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, there should be an easy way for professional solutions to make your plumbing good as new-- right?

Luckily there is a hero in the plumbing industry known as trenchless technology. Below you will learn a few different ways that trenchless technologies can replace or repair even the toughest of plumbing problems in Sacramento County.

However, professional plumbers can’t solve your plumbing problems if they aren’t sure what the cause of the problem is. This is why the experts at Express Sewer & Drain perform a video inspection. Basically, a small video camera is fed through your pipes to evaluate their durability and get a visual for where the pipe is damaged.

Video inspections are a useful tool for plumbers to appropriately determine which solution, trenchless or not, will solve your plumbing problem. Whether it’s a leak or a clog, there is an easier, greener and more efficient way to fix your plumbing using trenchless technologies.


If you happen to have a spike in your water bill or have a puddle of water accumulating in your home or yard, chances are you have a leak in your piping. Based on a video inspection, your leak could be caused by a severely damaged and broken pipe due to corrosion throughout the years; on the other hand, the leak could be from a minor crack in the pipe and could be rendered new-- mess free-- with the help of the trenchless technology solutions listed below.

Lateral Lining

This is often coined as the most affordable way to renovate underground municipal sewer lines. All that’s used for this easy plumbing fix is an epoxy-coated liner which is cured to the existing walls of the pipe using air, steam or heated water. The end result is a new pipe within the old pipe that is more durable than ever.

Sectional Point Repair

These repairs are typically completed in a single day using a non-destructive and entirely green process. After a thorough video pipe inspection, the trenchless pros will be able to pinpoint the cause of damage which can include:

  • Isolated puncturing or sewer line cracks
  • Pipe incongruity or disconnection
  • Sewer line joint failure
  • Bellying

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is typically performed when a pipe has been compromised due to cracks, breaks or other severe problems. This trenchless technology can replace any kind of damaged pipe, and the process is highly efficient. The first step is to clear out the pipe. Then the new pipe is fed through with an expander head which fractures the damaged pipe replacing it with the new piping.


Maybe you’re not experiencing a leak; maybe you’re having the opposite happen-- a clogged pipe. If this is the case, there is a simple and eco-friendly way to clear even the toughest clog-- hydro-jetting.


Hydro-jetting uses concentrated pressure to blast water through sewer and drain pipes removing any blockages inside your plumbing fixtures. It can remove stubborn clogging agents such as grease, hair and tree roots. This clog clearing method can also be used as a preventative measure too.

Solve Your Plumbing Problems-- Easily

Trenchless technologies offer an array of solutions to resolve the tough problems in your sewage system. From lateral lining to pipe bursting, you can have your pipelines as good as new using the most efficient and eco-friendly technologies available; trenchless technologies are your dig free plumbing problem solver.

If you’re having plumbing issues or just want to be preemptive, contact a pro at Express Sewer & Drain to find out how your pipes can benefit from trenchless technologies.

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