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Hydro_jetting_vs_snaking_a_drain_in_Sacramento_County.jpgStanding in stagnant bath water while taking a shower or having an overflowing sink doesn’t scream “Good morning sunshine.” Do it yourself methods suggest a plunger or some sort of chemical unclogging agent to rid your drains from residue buildup.

You have probably even gone to the extreme measure of snaking that nuisance of a clogged drain only to take a mental snapshot of all the hair, slime and dirt that has clumped together to clog up your shower or sink drain.

Professional plumbers may use a larger more intense tool to snake a clogged drain; however, in more severe cases, this isn’t necessarily the most ideal approach because it can risk the integrity of the pipeline.

Express Sewer & Drain suggests hydro-jetting as your first approach to clearing residential pipe line clogs. Hydro-jetting can clear pipelines of various sizes without risking any disruption or backflow.

There are three applications of hydro-jetting clogged drains that prove more valuable and cost-effective than simply snaking the drain: residential, commercial and municipal. Even though it’s process varies, the basic concept remains the same.

Each application of hydro-jetting uses concentrated pressure to blast water through sewer and drain pipes, breaking away any blockages from inside your pipelines.

There are numerous ways for your pipelines and drains to get clogged and create build-up and can take many forms; below are hydro-jetting explained for each application of blocked pipelines and drains.


The common clogs you are likely to encounter at your home are within your sinks, tubs and toilets. Clogged drains in these areas can be troubling and embarrassing. Some of the most common clogging agents in residential areas are:

  • Hair buildup
  • Grease blockages
  • Tree roots
  • Food oil, cooking waste, fibrous or expandable food materials


Plumbing and pipe blockages at your office or business, do not make for an ideal start of the day. Hydro-jetting for commercial pipes is essentially power washing for your plumbing. This process uses concentrated pressure to blast water through your business’s clogged drains and sewer lines. This effectively breaks away any and all debris from within your plumbing.

This form of hydro-jetting is ideal for businesses in food, beverage or hospitality industries and is powerful enough to unclog food oil, cooking waste or fibrous and expandable food materials that like to stick to the pipes interior.


Municipal sewers are subject to pipeline buildups and backups too. Clearing these pipelines can cause a combination of stress and expensive charges. These lines are often exposed to more elements and buildup than residential and commercial clogging agents. The more materials, corrosive elements or debris that have built up in a municipal sewer make the removal process that much harder.

Municipal hydro-jetting removes any interior blockages by using highly pressurized, concentrated air to blast water through the the corroded, clogged or damaged pipeline. Since hydro-jetting is a trenchless technology, it is a dig-free job which is a great way to unclog municipal drains because it eliminates disruptions of any traffic during the jetting process.

Keeping Your Pipes Flowing

There are many things that can sneak into your pipelines and drains causing clogs or damages to your piping. To preserve your pipelines and avoid any pesky clogs, you should schedule routine maintenance for them. Contact an expert plumbing service in the greater Sacramento area for a consultation or to unclog your pipes and drains. 

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