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Sacramento’s sewage system has been faithfully serving the community for a long time now. Unfortunately, this means that many parts of the sewer’s infrastructure are heavily aged, and in need of repair.

This is why there are many plumbers in the Sacramento area constantly working to repair and replace damaged or old sewer lines. You may have seen some major repair work around town of late—with sewer repair crews using heavy earthmoving equipment to dig up pipes so they can get to work.

The act of tearing up the ground to expose sewer lines so repair work can begin is expensive, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous. Thankfully, there is an alternative to digging up massive trenches to work on sewer lines: trenchless pipe repair.

Trenchless sewer line repair offers many benefits over trenching, including:

1: Improved Environment-Friendliness

Digging up a long stretch of land to get at the sewer pipes beneath is highly destructive. Many plants will need to be relocated or even replaced after trenching is completed. However, this isn’t the biggest environmental impact of digging up a trench.

In many cases, disturbing the soil around a deep sewer line can release buried toxins into the air. These toxins can become hazardous to the health of those near the dig site, and may re-deposit in water sources and soils downwind.

Going trenchless reduces the risk of unearthing these deposits and having them infiltrate the water supply.

2: Less Disruption to the Surrounding Area

Digging up the ground takes a lot of labor, and it’s often necessary to mark off a large area around the worksite as a no-trespassing work zone for the safety of others. The problem is that trenching up a large section of sewer pipe can take days to complete.

This means massive delays and disruptions to others in the area. These disruptions can impact businesses, cause traffic delays, and be generally inconvenient.

Trenchless technology precludes the need to cordon off massive stretches of terrain. Instead, the sewer line repair crew can set up a small work area at the entry site and exit site of the repair area as needed.

Also, repairs are finished much faster, so there’s less disruption overall.

3: Overall Costs Can Be Lower with Trenchless Solutions

On paper, the upfront cost of a traditional repair is typically less than the cost of a trenchless solution that uses advanced, specialized equipment.

However, when you factor in the cost of:

  • labor for trenching;
  • reparations to businesses for business disruptions;
  • time to completion;
  • landscaping; and
  • sidewalk/street repair;

the cost of using a trenchless repair solution can actually be significantly less than the cost of a traditional repair job.

For some sewer repair jobs where the pipe is close to the surface and well away from where the trenching will disturb anyone, traditional repairs might have a lower overall cost. However, for deeper pipes located close to heavy traffic areas, the less invasive trenchless solution can save time, hassle, and money.

Is trenchless sewer line repair right for you? Find out today!

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