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Why_You_Should_Use_Trenchless_Technology.jpgOftentimes sewage system repairs can be extravagant in nature; from the costs of labor and equipment to the additional costs of re-landscaping and re-locating. Trenchless technology technology uses advanced techniques and materials to rehabilitate or replace damaged pipelines.

Trenchless technology repairs or replacements are typically completed within a matter of hours to a single day and don’t require any digging. The only thing needed is access to the pipes entry points.

The Ideal Solution: Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology is the ideal solution for repairing or replacing any pipeline. There are many applications of trenchless technology that consistently prove beneficial to you including the following few benefits mentioned below.


Not many interruptions and problems have convenient solutions, but if it’s a damaged sewage system, then you’re in luck. Typical pipe repairs or replacements would have to be exposed requiring intense surface excavations in your lawn, streets or sidewalks.

Trenchless technology only requires access to the pipes entry hole; there is no digging or mess required which is convenient for you and your neighbors. Plus, the materials used to line and replace your damaged pipe have the ability to last a minimum of fifty years.

Cost Effective

Since there is no excavation required and it’s not labor intensive; you won’t have to spend additional resources on re-landscaping your yard or have to live in a hotel or an extended stay for a week or more.

Safety First

The safety of your family and neighbors are our first priority, which is why we avoid digging if we can. You may think that digging is harmless; however, when you are digging near pipelines, you can unearth mold or asbestos into the air.

Environmentally Safe

Trenchless technology is also safer for the environment. The materials used for a repair or replacement are environmentally friendly. Also, resources aren’t wasted-- they are used. Trenchless technology lines your existing pipe with a perma-liner which becomes the new pipe.

Trenchless Technology Solutions

One of the first steps to performing trenchless technology is to conduct a video inspection to get a visual of the pipes condition and to pinpoint the location and extent of the damage. After a thorough video inspection, we can assess which of the five trenchless techniques would be the most ideal for  your situation.

Lateral Lining and Reinstatement

This method is ideal for reinforcing the inside of pipes underground or within walls; also, this is beneficial for reinstating sections of complex pipe systems without having to tear through walls for repair access.

Manhole-To-Manhole Lining

This trenchless technology works similarly to lateral lining and is ideal for patching up pipe damage while bypassing pumps to keep the sewer and water systems running.

Sectional Point Repair

Sectional point repair is typically performed to repair damaged pipe segments when full pipe repairs are impractical.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is used for full pipe replacement. It utilizes a bursting head that will fragment your existing pipeline and seamlessly lay a new one in its place without having to dig a hole.

Water Line Replacement

This trenchless technology is ideal for replacing water pipes. The old pipe gets pulled out and the new one is simultaneously pushed into place.

Why Trenchless Technology Is Better

If you are environmentally conscience and don’t want to waste your financial and time resources, then trenchless technology is the way to go. There are plenty of simple solutions for your complex plumbing problem.

Schedule a free video inspection today and learn how trenchless technology can benefit you.

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