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plumbers repair sewer line problem

There’s a good chance that you don’t think about your sewer lines very much. That’s a good thing, because when your sewer pipes are on your mind, it’s probably related to a severe sewer line problem somewhere on your property. 

Clogged or damaged sewer lines can be harmful to your home or commercial building. If the sewer waste is unable to flow in the right direction, it could go back the way it came, meaning those dangerous bacteria and waste products might impact the health and well-being of people in the building. 

6 Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

Understanding the causes of some common sewer line problems can help Sacramento residents quickly find a solution. Here’s a list of some common causes of sewer line damage to stay aware of. 

1. Tree Roots

Unfortunately, we can’t really control the way trees and bushes grow. As their roots grow, they might push underground pipes out of alignment. In older homes, tree roots can damage pipes at their connection points. When these are damaged, the pipe could burst, resulting in unwanted damages to the property. 

If tree roots are causing damages to your underground pipes, it could warrant repair or replacement services. Thanks to innovative trenchless technology, plumbers are able to observe and repair damages without digging into the ground. This can repair the problem without risking any more damage to the property.

2. Pipe Corrosion 

As water moves through sewer lines, the materials can fall victim to severe corrosion. When the metal oxidizes, it slowly becomes weaker. Without proper interference the pipe could burst, leaving a hefty mess to take care of. 

3. Blockages

Perhaps the most common sewer line problem that comes to mind is a clogged pipe. The pipes in your home, restaurant, or office space can often become blocked as a result of hair, food, or grease buildup. The same goes for sewer lines. These kinds of clogs might occur less often in comparison to smaller pipes, but it is not unheard of.

4. Age of the Pipes

The reality is pipes don’t last forever. Over time the material can become damaged as a result of improper maintenance or long-term wear and tear. Even the most durable pipes aren’t invincible and might slowly deteriorate. If your sewer line is old, it can be a source of an unwanted problem. 

5. Grease

It’s best to avoid putting grease down your kitchen sink. As grease cools, it forms into a dense solid, which often clogs pipes. When grease is put into drains in its liquid state, the pipes in your home may be okay for a little while, but further in the pipes this material can start to solidify. As it builds up on the walls of the sewer line, it may lead to a severe blockage requiring expert services to clear. 

6. Machinery

Construction workers should be mindful of where pipes are located underground. However, accidents happen. A construction team using heavy machinery might collide with a sewer line, resulting in broken connectors or leaks within the sewer system that can damage the surrounding property. 

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Now that you know what might cause a sewer line problem, it’s important to know what signs to look for. When you notice any of these symptoms, contact a professional plumber right away to have the problem resolved before the damages grow worse.

discolored tap water related to sewer line problem

Discolored Water

If you go to use your sink and you notice that the running water appears to be a muddy brown color, it might be related to a damaged sewer line. Corroded or rusted pipes can deposit minerals and bacteria into the water, resulting in discoloration. If the problem persists, be sure to have it inspected by a professional team. 

Strange Smells

Sewer lines are meant to take wastewater away from homes or large buildings and transport it to treatment plants. When a bad smell permeates into a building, it’s a strong indication of a blocked sewer line. In the case of severe clogs, foul odors from blocked waste can make its way back through the sewer pipe and into your home. This might smell like rotten eggs or overall unpleasant scents. 

Health Issues

If the people in your home are having health problems, such as coughing or trouble breathing, it could be related to the integrity of your sewer system. Any bacteria or gasses that come from damaged pipes can be related to respiratory issues. To keep you and your family safe, make sure that your sewer line is in good condition. 

Pooling Water

When a sewer line is damaged, water might pool in your yard. The ground can become damaged as water leaks through underground pipes and floods the property. When this happens, call a professional to have the sewer line repaired right away. 

Avoid Sacramento Sewer Line Problems with Express Sewer & Drain

If you suspect that there’s a damaged sewer line on your property, don’t wait to have the problem resolved. Your home should be a comfortable place to relax, but when sewer line problems arise, it can be anything but tranquil.

To quickly restore the quality of your sewer lines in Sacramento County, the team at Express Sewer & Drain is here to help. Thanks to our trenchless technology, we can observe damaged pipes and have them repaired in no time without interfering with your day. To learn more about sewer line repair and replacement services, get in touch with your local Sacramento plumbers!

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