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Are you city sewer lines damaged? Try trenchless pipe solutions.Trenchless technology, one of the single greatest innovations to home water and lateral pipe repair techniques, has helped homeowners across the globe save thousands on their pipe repairs and replacements, while taking a fraction of the time of traditional repairs to complete.

In municipal planning nationwide, the question is often asked, “why can’t we use those same solutions for our own, city pipe systems?” The truth of the matter is, you can. Gone are the down-times of traditional repairs and the costly processes of physically excavating manhole lines; with trenchless solutions, city planners can fully tend to their municipal pipe systems with the same efficiency and ease as homeowners using these solutions on their own property.

Traditional Repairs Have Adverse, Costly Effects

As city planners dealing with municipal sewer and manhole-to-manhole pipe breaks know, dealing with these issues is an often expensive and frustrating affair; not only are the labor prices of traditional repairs astronomical, but the very techniques specialists use in these repairs are imperfect in their nature.

With traditional city sewer pipe repairs, there is an ever-present risk of underground mold, asbestos and natural gas exposure… and that goes without mentioning the costs and troubles of shutting down city roadways. In these situations, the high costs of repair are often a painful, but necessary reality.

What many municipal planners are surprised to learn, however, is that the same trenchless, cured-in-place solutions that make home pipe repairs simple are available for citywide, municipal pipe repairs.

Trenchless Makes Things Simple

Trenchless cured-in-place pipe technologies perform just as well in municipal pipe repairs as in private home repairs, if not even more so. By using epoxy resins and liquid Perma-liners, specialists can effectively coat the inner walls of municipal sewer pipes, no matter the diameter size or unique system arrangements, and cure in place entire new pipe sections with ease using air bladder applications.

These processes, virtually identical in every way to private home pipe relining, can be completed in a matter of hours, saving city planners significantly on both labor time and high overhead costs.

Even more beneficial is the scope with which trenchless sewer repair affects roadway activity and the daily going-ons of municipal systems. Completed using small entry- and exit-points, these repairs leave city roadways and traffic uninterrupted, while also severely cutting back on landscaping and repaving costs.

During installation and resin curing, you won’t even need to shut down water flow or affect regular activity! Using bypass pumps and innovative plumbing systems, trenchless experts can keep your municipal sewer pipes running normally even during repairs. Not only can cured-in-place pipe fully repair your city sewer lines in a matter of hours… but it can also do such without affecting regular performance of your sewer pipes, or requiring systems shutdowns to complete.

Cured-in-place municipal pipe repairs benefit municipal planners with sewer problems by:

  • Limiting digging applications and the costly side-effects of excavation
  • Minimizing traffic disruptions and keeping roadways clear of labor
  • Offering completion in a single day, compared to the lengthy process of traditional repair
  • Providing environmentally sound, sustainable results, in addition to a much safer repair process

Long-Lasting Results and Value

Cured-in-place municipal pipe repairs, even for manhole-to-manhole systems and sewer line renovations, always deliver lasting value and final pipe products that can perform efficiently for generations to come. A common misconception of trenchless cured-in-place pipe is that these solutions are only temporary fixes, and that full, excavation pipe repairs are an inevitability.

However, this is in fact not true with trenchless technologies, as the replacement pipes and relining resins are guaranteed to last for over 50 years, no matter the diameter of the pipe they are fixing, or the complexity of the pipe system.

It’s for these drastic benefits and real-world efficiency that trenchless pipe repairs have become the preferred method of dealing with city sewer damage. Bringing both short- and long-term advantages, and long-lasting results, cured-in-place municipal repairs are the go-to solution for city planners seeking to fix their sewers and manhole lines both quickly and affordably.

For more information on what trenchless solutions can bring to your municipal pipe repairs, or on how the cured-in-place pipe process works, contact the experts at Express Sewer & Drain today.


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