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plumbers accessing a main sewer drain

Sewer main drains are an integral part of Sacramento’s complex plumbing system. Without these drains and main lines, your home or business would suffer from harmful repercussions caused by improper treatment and transportation of waste. 

Since these sewer drains and pipelines are hidden in the ground, they are not typically a main concern for local residents. However, not knowing the basics of your local sewer systems can be a setback when a serious problem arises. Let’s dive into some of the main features of sewer main drains and the important role they play in Sacramento.

Basics of Sewer Main Drains

Sacramento is comprised of an intricate system of pipes used to transport water and waste to and from the city. To do this, the network relies on the main sewer line running beneath the streets. Depending on the size of the pipe, these lines can be made of PVC, cast iron, copper, or bronze in some instances. Smaller lateral lines from homes and other buildings, usually between four and six inches in diameter, connect to the larger main drain where waste is transported to another location. 

Every shower, toilet, washing machine, and sink has pipelines which branch off and connect with the main sewer lines. With so many systems feeding into a single waste pipe, even one blockage within the main line can cause complications with all of the other plumbing features in your home. 

Sewer main lines are designed to have enough capacity in order to handle the amount of waste produced by the neighborhood. As more buildings are constructed, more lateral lines must be connected to the current sewer main line, meaning more pressure is put on the entire system. If the main drain isn’t able to handle the increased capacity, the city might have a severe blockage on their hands. 

Types of Sewer Drains

Here in Sacramento, the city uses a combined sewer system to transport waste. This is a combination of sanitary and storm sewers. Sanitary sewers are the pipelines that take wastewater from homes and businesses to a treatment center. Similarly, storm sewers have the same purpose but transport runoff waste and other debris. 

In a combined sewer system, both wastewater and stormwater are taken to a treatment plant. In fact, with these larger systems, the stormwater even helps to dilute the sewage so there is less stress on the treatment center. Treating both resources at the same time can meet water quality standards at a faster rate so the water can properly be distributed after filtration and treatment. 

Main Sewer Drains vs. Lateral Lines

When distinguishing main sewer lines from lateral lines, it helps to think of the whole system like a tree. The network of underground sewer pipes need to reach homes and businesses throughout the city. To do so, lateral drain lines are connected to the main sewer line. The main line is the larger, more durable piping system that is the main root for all of the lateral lines to branch off from. 

These connection points are critical for effective plumbing systems throughout Sacramento. Any damages along the lateral lines can have harmful repercussions on neighborhood homes and businesses, requiring expert assistance. When you suspect there is a problem somewhere along your aging pipes, it is best to consult a professional for pipe lining and cleanout services. 

Sewer Drain Repair Solutions

While the sewer main line is the responsibility of the municipality for regular upkeep and inspection, the lateral lines are directly connected to residential and commercial properties. When any damages occur up to the connection points, it is up to the owners of these properties to seek repair and cleanout assistance as needed. 

If you’re a homeowner in Sacramento, it might not seem important to know the difference between the main sewer line and the lateral lines. However, this information can help you determine what steps to take when there are damages to your system. 

If the lateral drain line is too small, it cannot be viewed with a camera to determine the nature of the current issue, but the mainline can. In this case, an expert plumber will use video inspection technology to find the source of any obstructions and have the issue repaired swiftly. 

Main Sewer Lines and Wastewater

Sacramento water treatment from sewer drains

Water from sinks and toilets travels through lateral pipes to the main sewer line, where it is treated for waste and pollutants before being released into the environment. Due to the high volume of use, these pipes need to be quite durable. Additionally, some of the weaker materials used for these plumbing systems may be susceptible to damages caused by tree root intrusion. 

In Sacramento, the city ensures that the wastewater is properly transported and treated in order to maintain the safety of local residents and visitors. At the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, the water is tested, filtered, and treated before being released into the Sacramento River. 

Regular cleanouts of main sewer lines will help prevent any unwanted blockages from occurring and flooding city streets. Debris, including leaves and branches, are often the main causes of sewer line blockages but can be easily prevented with the right tools and services. Municipalities should also check grease traps in restaurants to ensure that excess grease buildup doesn’t lead to a major blockage.  

Consult a Professional Sacramento Plumber for Sewer Main Drain Repairs

Sooner or later, a sewer main drain is going to need extra care. That problem could be a result of aging materials, corroded pipes, tree roots, or a simple blockage. No matter the reason behind the issue, a sewer main line will need expert assistance to have the pipeline working as it should. 

Express Sewer & Drain offers a variety of services to keep municipal sewer main drains up and running so your home isn’t met with an unwanted blockage or broken pipe. From cured-in-place lateral pipe lining to sectional point repair, our team has what it takes to ensure the sewer drains throughout Sacramento are highly durable.

Delaying sewer problems can only make the issue worse. Instead, reach out to a local expert as soon as you suspect there is a greater issue with your underground piping system. To learn more about trenchless sewer pipe repair solutions, reach out to Express Sewer & Drain today!

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