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Earthquakes can put your entire home at risk, especially your underground pipe lines.In the aftermath of an earthquake or any other major seismic activity, property owners are often left to pick up the pieces on their own (both figuratively and literally) of damage to their property. This includes crippled home walls, significant foundational shifts and collapsed underground sewer pipes.

Dealing with a broken, failed pipe system is a hassle in and of itself; following an earthquake, however, this is seldom the only home repair issue you’ll be confronted with. In these cases, homeowners often find themselves severely financially strained, with restorations required in multiple areas of the home; finding the most affordable, yet high quality repairs to critical home systems has never been more important.

In a pinch, you may be pressed to have your severely damaged pipes excavated and replaced right away. However, the conventional, dig-and-replace method of pipe replacement can take days, if not weeks, to fully complete, and cost thousands (if not more) in remedial landscaping labor.

Manually digging out collapsed pipe segments takes time, materials and exhaustive manpower to complete… but during plumbing emergencies that require immediate attention, many homeowners opt for these pipe repairs out of necessity.

However, recent innovations in trenchless technologies largely eliminate manual digging from the pipe repair problem. Even for fully collapsed, unsalvageable pipes (which often result from earthquakes), there are dig-free solutions available to restore your plumbing system in record time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional repairs.

The Trenchless Advantage: Pipe Bursting Technologies

For fully collapsed, failed pipe systems (often the result of serious earthquakes), conventional pipe liners and restoration won’t do the trick; you’re going to have to physically replace your damaged pipes. This is where many homeowners faced with severe damage turn to dig-and-replace pipe renovations to resolve their plumbing issues.

While it may seem as though these outdated and labor-intensive techniques are the only answer in the aftermath of an earthquake, innovative trenchless pipe bursting can serve just as well as a pipe replacement method. Using small, non-destructive boring holes, trenchless professionals can access your collapsed pipe segments and lay new pipe without excavating your lawn. This can end up saving you thousands in labor and material costs.

Pipe bursting is a relatively simple, yet highly efficient repair process. Using contained, non-invasive holes drilled by directional boring equipment, trenchless technicians can access and assess your damaged pipes without full-scale excavation efforts. With steel, cone-shaped bursting heads (inserted through damaged pipes using the holes created by boring equipment), trenchless experts physically fragment and push away pipe segments in critical condition.

As the bursting head’s coned shape clears the debris path for new pipe sections, replacement pipe (attached to the wide end of the bursting head) are laid in place in a seamless, entirely excavation-free process.

With innovative pipe bursting, trenchless technicians can fully replace your damaged, earthquake-collapsed pipe segments in as little as one day, often in a few short hours.  

The Most Versatile Repair Method

The best thing about trenchless pipe bursting (beyond the huge savings in time, materials and labor hours) is the versatility of the technique as a pipe repair solution. Pipe bursting can effectively replace almost any kind of pipe damaged in an earthquake, no matter the size, composition or diameter. This includes pipes made of:

  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Orangeburg pipe
  • PVC
  • Clay
  • Cement

Yes, dealing with collapsed or severely damaged pipe lines is a hassle… but it doesn’t have to be as financially draining or complicated as traditional, digging repairs would make it. Trenchless pipe bursting is an effective pipe replacement method for more than earthquake damage alone. Due to recent innovations, homeowners can implement pipe bursting to effectively repair damages by any of the following in an entirely dig-free and low cost application:

  • Damage from chemical corrosion
  • Pipe failure with old age
  • Pipe intrusions by the elements, including plant roots and overgrowth
  • Offsets and failures at critical joints
  • Poor installation or prior maintenance

If your home plumbing systems have been recently put in jeopardy by an earthquake or other seismic activity, don’t wait to contact a trenchless pro in your community today. There are cheaper, more convenient solutions to pipe replacement than the traditional dig-and-replace method. Contact us for more information on how you can effectively renovate your home’s underground plumbing lines with ease.

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