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broken sewer pipes on a street

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much preventative maintenance you take for your pipes. Eventually, you may have a leak in your pipes and need a broken sewer pipe repair. 

It’s important to know the signs of a potentially broken sewer pipe, so the cracked pipe can be addressed as quickly as possible. Leaks can result in expensive water bills and significant property damage, as well as dangerous health problems such as mold. 

When you do discover a leak, how much does broken sewer pipe repair cost? 

Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe

Before considering how much a broken sewer pipe repair will put a dent in your budget, you need to make sure that you have a broken pipe first. Some symptoms for a broken sewer pipe include:

Broken Sewer Pipe in Yard?  

You may have a broken sewer pipe in your yard if you are noticing these symptoms outside:

  • Insect or rodent infestation
  • Soggy lawn 
  • Sinkholes
  • Areas of lush, green spots throughout the lawn

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it’s likely you have a broken sewer pipe that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Professional help is needed for a broken sewer pipe repair, though you may be wondering how much a broken sewer pipe costs. 

3 Factors Affecting Broken Sewer Pipe Repair Cost

The associated costs of replacing a broken sewer pipe currently run between $50 - $150 per foot. If the repair is ten feet of sewer line or less, the average cost in 2020 is likely to between $1,500 to $4,000. Sewer pipe repairs are expedited, which adds to the cost, but keeps your property and family as safe as can be. 

However, there are factors that influence the broken sewer pipe repair cost. 

1. Size of the Broken Sewer Pipe

The smaller the length of pipe that needs to be replaced, the cheaper the cost will be. If the broken sewer pipe that needs to be replaced is more than ten feet long, it will be more expensive than $4,000. If you need a full sewer line replacement, it may reach up to costs of $30,000!

Where the repair occurs also will affect the cost. If the broken sewer pipe repair is on the third story of your house compared to the yard, the cost of labor will likely increase due to how much higher the plumbing is. 

2. The Type of Piping

The broken sewer pipe cost will also depend on the piping materials used. Common materials used in traditional sewer pipes include PEX or copper. PEX is a malleable plastic that can conserve energy due to its heat retaining properties. 

Trenchless pipe lining is another innovative and cost-effective option for repairing failing sewer pipes. Instead of replacing the pipe, trenchless pipe lining repairs the broken sewer pipe from within. The plumber inserts an epoxy resin into the pipe, which coats and repairs any damages or cracks from inside the pipe. 

Since trenchless pipe lining can be done without digging up the ground (hence the name “trenchless”), it means no additional expenses due to digging on your property and less manpower and reduced labor costs. 

Though trenchless pipe lining may cost more upfront than traditional pipe repairing for just the repair, it is more affordable if the traditional method also means damaging ground-level fixtures. If you have utilities, lawn fixtures, and landscaping above the broken sewer pipe in yard and lawn areas, then the most expensive factors will not be repairing the pipe by uprooting and landscaping and the lawn damage as a result of the repair. 

While trenchless pipe bursting, one of the more popular dig-free pipe renovations for replacing a pipe, costs between $60 - $200 per foot, trenchless pipe lining for relining a damaged pipe goes between $60 - $200 per foot as well. 

In comparison, traditional broken sewer pipe repair will cost between $50 - $200 per foot. That cost does not include any additional landscaping costs and labor from digging up the pipes. 

If you are interested in trenchless pipe technology, determining whether trenchless pipe bursting or lining is right for you will depend on your situation and factors such as where the broken sewer pipe is located. 

3. Removing Your Current Pipes

If you choose to go with a traditional broken sewer pipe repair, you may also have to remove your current pipes. This may involve hammering through and removing drywall as well, which will increase your installation costs.  

Repairing drywall after installation can range from between $275 to nearly $800, depending on the size and location of the hole. 

Trenchless technology removes the need for pipe removal since it repairs the broken sewer pipe from within. Since trenchless pipe lining uses the existing pipe, you may be able to remove the cost of pipe removal from the overall broken sewer pipe repair cost. 

What About Broken Sewer Pipe Insurance Coverage?

If you have homeowner’s insurance, you may be wondering: Does my insurance cover a broken sewer pipe?

The answer is it depends on several factors

The cause of the broken sewer pipe will play a major role in whether you will have broken sewer pipe insurance coverage. If a pipe breaks due to lack of maintenance, then it’s likely your insurance will not cover it. Earthquakes are also not likely covered, unless you have specific earthquake coverage. 

However, if your sewer pipes are damaged due to accident or vandalism, then it’s likely that your homeowner’s insurance will cover the broken sewer pipe repair cost. Again, the amount of cost coverage will depend on the specific insurance you have. 

What to Do About a Broken Sewer Pipe

If you need a broken sewer pipe, it’s important to address it as soon as possible to prevent any more damage and minimize health risks. Professional help is needed to repair or replace your drains and a plumber can determine the location of your broken line through closed-circuit TV (CCTV)

The professionals at Express Sewer & Drain specialize in trenchless sewer technology and have the tools necessary to diagnose your problem and get it fixed quickly. With trenchless technology, we can finish most of our jobs in a day, unlike traditional methods of broken sewer pipe repairs. Contact us today and rest assured that your pipes are in good hands.  

Trenchless Pipe Lining: The Ultimate Sewer Repair Solution

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