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Clogged pipes

If you’re unsure of the plumbing issue, or attempted to fix it yourself to no avail, it may be time to turn to a professional plumber. 

It’s important to pick plumbing companies that will treat you and your home with respect; your first fear is a plumber leaving the job unfinished or creating a worse mess than before. 

Sacramento plumbers can keep you out of trouble. They are professionals who aim to get a job done right the first time and use the most efficient methods available to ensure your plumbing issues are fixed rapidly and thoroughly. 

If you’re looking for a plumber near you in the Sacramento area, there are some things to keep in mind to find the right plumbing contractor for you 

Make Sure They Are A Licensed & Insured Sacramento Plumber

One of the most important requirements when looking for Sacramento plumbers is making sure they are properly licensed and insured. It is California law that a plumber has a plumbing license to operate, so make sure that the plumber not only has a license, but that the license is current. You should also do background research and ensure that no complaints have been filed.

Hiring a licensed plumber ensures that they have professional standards and will have all the expertise for the job. To be licensed, California plumbers must go through extensive training and schooling to pass the license exam. A licensed plumber means they are educated on proper plumbing procedures and California laws and codes. So, hiring a Sacramento plumber that is licensed will have all the expertise needed to successfully perform a job.

It’s also essential that the plumber you hire is insured! Generally, look for a plumber with worker’s compensation and liability insurance with a $500,000 minimum. If you hire an uninsured plumber who gets hurt on the job, YOU would be the one responsible for his injuries!

Does the Plumber Offer Guaranteed Work?

When looking for ideal plumbing companies in your area, make sure they offer guaranteed plumbing. Guaranteed work answers these questions:

  • What would happen if the problem returned? 
  • Will the plumber fix it again? 

A Sacramento plumber who guarantees work will make sure the job is completed thoroughly. If the problem returned, the plumber would come back and make sure the problem is fixed. And if you’re not satisfied with the job? Guaranteed work ensures that the plumber will complete the job until you are satisfied. Asking for a written warranty is always a good idea when discussing guaranteed work. 

Research Their Professional Reputation

Do your background checks on your Sacramento plumbers to learn more about their professional reputations. There’s nothing a quick Google or Yelp search can’t find. Use online reviews to help determine which plumber’s services are the best to be hired. 

Be sure to read customer feedback on the plumber’s website or Facebook, but also research other reviews sites to gain better insight into customer experiences. Customer reviews will reveal the professionalism and skill of a plumbing company. Communication and respect are important when choosing a Sacramento plumber; you want to make sure the plumber you choose will respect your home and be punctual. Through customer reviews, you can gauge how well plumbing companies fit your needs based on the experiences of others. 

Find Out What Services They Offer

When you’re looking for a Sacramento plumber, check to see what services they offer to make sure they would be the right fit for your needs. For instance, if you need trenchless pipe bursting, finding a plumber that specializes in trenchless technology would be ideal for you. Read reviews about trenchless plumbing and find a plumber that has the expertise and experience to deliver what you need. 

Also inquire if they offer emergency services. With emergency plumbing, you would be able to call your plumber any time of the day or night. If you hire a contractor with 24 hour plumbing to rely on, you will feel more at ease when you have a septic emergency at 4am.

Do They Offer Affordable Plumbing?

The plumber should be offering affordable plumbing services and not overly raised prices. Pricing discussions should not be made over the phone. A plumber should come out to your property to inspect the plumbing job, whether it’s a drain issue or clogged pipes. It is not professional to give you a quote over the phone or provide estimates for total job costs the first time you contact them.  

When a plumber does come to your property to get an idea of the job site and the issue, discuss all possible costs with your potential plumber. An honest and experienced plumber will also make you aware of pricing for any new parts that might be needed to complete the job, as well as additional labor costs.

Always Hire Professional Sacramento Plumbers

Having plumbing issues at your property can be an inconvenience, dangerous for health, and cost you money. The longer you put off making a fix, the more it may cost you. 

When choosing a plumber or plumbing company, you should always pick one that values providing quality services to its customers. Express Sewer is Sacramento’s favorite professional plumbing company, with years of experience at unbeatable prices. Interested in our services? Contact an Express representative for a free quote!

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